About Opening an Account

  1. Users are only required to enter the email and password upon registration.
  2. Users can use Facebook account to login to KeepCoin.Net.
  3. Users are required to provide address, and mark your location on the map upon registration.
  4. Users' information will always be kept private from the public access, unless otherwise being permitted by users.
  5. Once user account is registered, user may continue using KeepCoin.Net as a consumer, or create a new grocery business.
  6. To create a new business, user are required to fill up business name, address and location of your business. Read "Why do I need to provide address and location?"
Open an Account

About Business Profile

  1. Any grocery business owner can create their business profile page in KeepCoin.Net.
  2. Business owners are required to provide address, and mark your location on the map upon creating a business profile.
  3. Some information will be displayed publicly: Address, Location, Contact (optional), Business email (optional).
  4. Upon creation, every business owner has the responsibilty to maintain and keep updated the contents in the business page.
  5. Business owner should always keep the prices updated to avoid discrepencies and care the feeling of your consumers.

About Prices

  1. All prices listed in the KeepCoin.Net are published by business owner. We (KeepCoin.Net) have no control over the price.
  2. All prices are for references. Any discrepencies shall be informed directly to the business owner, or feedback to us (KeepCoin.Net).
  3. We will maximize our effort to minimize the discrepency issue. However, please accept our apology that we have no rights on controlling the prices published.

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