The "Whats"

Q: What is Keepcoin CalculatorTM?
  • Similar to shopping cart, you add items to Keepcoin Calculator.
  • Similar to shopping cart, you check total amount before checkout.
  • Here's the difference from shopping cart, Keepcoin Calculator not just telling you how much in total, but also showing you the best deal you have in your neighbourhood.
Q: What kind of products can be found in Keepcoin?
  • You can find grocery products, which can normally be found in Grocery stores in your neighbourhood.
  • Find out more at About Us
Q: What is the currency being used in Keepcoin?
A: Keepcoin is currently available in both Singapore and Malaysia. So, SGD and MYR are available.

The "Hows"

Q:How do I use Keepcoin Calculator?
A: After adding products you want to buy, click on the Check the best deal! button, you will be surprised!
Q: How do I find a product?
  • You can use the search bar in the header at the top of the page, by entering the name of the product or the barcode (4 - 13 digits).

Business / Stores

Q: What is inherit price?
  • Inherit price is to let the parent company to decide whether its branches should follow the pricing of all the parent's products.
  • It can be updated in the Branches setting after login to the business.
Q: How do I create a business page?
A: Go to your account > business page, then Create new business button there.
Q: How do I add products to my business?
A: Go to your Product Racks page, click on the Add new products button to add new products into your store.

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